If we’re willing to make a change, there are always multiple choices. In order to take an informed and reasoned decision, you should first perform an extensive research and build yourself an opinion. Have you ever thought of all the disadvantages of fossil fuels? Let us make a show overview to present you the top reasons to look for an alternative approach.


Greenhouse effect

Normally, the greenhouse effect is a natural solution, which protects us from the sun’s radiation. When the solar rayons reach the Earth, the atmosphere is pushing a part of them back to space and the other part collaborates with the green house effect in order to absorb the most of it. The ozone layer gap increases the greenhouse effect, so that it becomes more harmful instead of useful. 

Harmful emissions

The yield of fossil fuels, the transformation of energy, the production, even the gases from cars are between the main sources of air pollution. These gases help increase the gap in the ozone layer, which leave the Earth’s surface inprotected, so the sun is able to warm it more. This process is known as the global warming.


The hole in the ozone layer

All these gases favor the increasement of the ozone layer’s gap. The ozone’s able to heal itself, if we simply give him the chance by avoiding air pollution. Searching for alternatives such as hybrid vehicles, green energy or modern filters for our fabrics are the first steps to fight the biggest consequence of everything we’ve done – the global warming, an unstoppable and extreamly harmful process for our planet.

Choose solar
Choose the future

By picking solar energy, you’re becoming part of the eco-friendly idea to preserve our nature, so that she exists much longer. Our companu isn’t provider of solar energy, neither a manufacturer of photovoltaic panels. We’re installing the centrals, since we believe that pioneers put the bases, which is the most difficult and responsible work from all. Read some more about us and what we do by following the button below.