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Ground Mounted

Ground mounted solar arrays require a precise foundation setup, since they need to be more susceptible to theft/vandalism and excessive snow accumulation at the bottom of the array.


Trackers increase the daily number of full sun hours and are usually used for solar water pumping applications. They are highly effective during the summer time when water is needed the most. Typical home energy usage peaks in the winter when a tracker mount makes very little difference as compared to any type of fixed mount . Therefore, having more modules on a less expensive fixed mount will serve you better in the winter than fewer modules on a tracker.

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Module mounting structures are made of three types of materials. They are Iron, Aluminium and Mild Steel.
In galvanizing zinc coating is applied to iron or steel to prevent it from rusting and corrosion. 
Mild Steel is very flexible and can be made in to several shapes as it is machinable.
Aluminium is a silvery white, soft, flexible material. It is very resistive to corrosion and does not corrode easily. Compared to galvanised iron, this is light weight and cost-effective.