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FR+PV's Top Performants

Even if there are many manufacturies for solar modules, we have gathered our favourites, considered to be the must-have choice in your shortlist, when choosing PV panels.

First Solar

First Solar is one of only five modules in the world to pass Atlas 25+, the Thresher and TUV Long-Term Sequential Tests. When it comes to the 6th series, we’re speaking of 17% efficiency thanks to the additional 8% more energy per watt whan conventional silicon solar modules.


The E-series of Sunpower aim to provide 45% more energy when compared to standard pannels, which is providing the top-notch 20.1% of efficiency to our customers. It gives the ability to optimize the return of investments several times more faster. All this comes with the amazing 25 years warranty in real conditions.


The Bifacial Cast Mono Module P6 is one of the most preferred panels from our customers when it comes to specific cell performance. Its transparent backsheets and lower oxygen, combined with the encapsulating material are providing about 19.9% efficiency, which is sustainable and qualified result.


The LR4 module of Longi is performing about 4.1% better when compared to multiple other competitors, providing an efficiency up to 19.8%, ensured with the solid PID resistance, which optimize the process. We’re observing a higher energy yield with lower operating temperature, which reduces the hot spot risks.