Proven Skills and Knowledge to Trust On.

Ever since FR+PV has been created, the management team is led by the three steps for successful performance. 
First, it’s the identification of the current situation and studing the parameters of the issue.
Next is innovating a proper solution to match our customer’s criteria in order to perfectly respond to his expectations.
And last but not least is the implementation of our solution to achieve the goals, we have settled at the beginning.
The three “I”-s are the eyes of FR+PV to help us look forward and grow every year. 


> 8+ years

pv experience

> 300 000+

installed modules

> 100+ mw

global power

Pour Exploitants

FR+PV aims to be trustworthy partner in long terme since we’re installing solar centrals in a perfectly secured manner, in order to provide a healty structure for your PV modules. Our installation adds some extra value to your project because we’re known for our hight quality performance.

Some of the remarquable companies we collaborated with are: Engie Green, Photosol, Générale du solaire, RES, etc.

Pour l'EPC

We have always been adapting our team quickly on the site. Never had any issues to collaborate with other companies during the working process. We’re assuming the market and building sofisticated contrats in order to safe our status of healty company and safety employer. FR+PV perfectly respects the legislation normes and show our team as a proactive and cooperating player on the site. 

Collaborated multiple times with Bouygues, Omexom, Valeco, SPIE, etc.

Pour Structuristes

Our employees are experienced installers, working with quality materials and machines to provide customers with the best service. They are installing structures respecting all the instructions they have received and always double checking their performance.

Some of our partners were Sadef, Profil du future, Metalogalva and several times Nclave.