Not a startup but still a newbie in PV installations, FR+PV started taking baby steps to improuvement two years ago. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re already registering remarquable results compared to most of our competitors on the french market. The company’s international potential is about to revealed, while trying to double our turn-over every year.

> 60 000 EUR

Capital Social

> 1 400 000 EUR

Chiffre d’affaire

> 50+

Nombre d’employées

How it all started

FR+PV has bought from Jean-Philippe LENDROIT in 2018 for the purpose of launching a new trustfull and modern vision about installing solar panels. The CEO is willing to build a more sustainable world for next generations, so he takes a look at the future, searching multiple models to improve the company and implement an established strategy of its development.


Today, couple of douzins projects later, the company is still aiming to improve by implementing innovations in order to provide fast and qualified performance to its customers, while ensuring the highest safety level for employees on the site. Motivating people for better results is what led the company to better times.

Our Partners

International Footprints

At this moment, we’re strongly expanding our activity all over the world. As you might see, we’re managing two separeate administration centers – our headquarters in France and also the main office in Bulgaria. Projects extend to above the ocean and we’re so proud to be in negociation with multiple countries from all most every continents on the Earth. 


What makes us rich isn’t the the gain but the turnover to let us accumulate more experience. We aim to invest the biggest part of our profits in trainings to improuve our team’s skills, because people are the one to lead us to the top. Operating with diversity of partners let us build our cosmopolitan minds to help us thing out of the box and establish detailed strategies for every case scenario.


Quality and Safety are our top-notch priorities to lead us to success. We’re proud to set it as a must-have goal.


Learn some more about what’s behind the scenes and how we manage to put it all together on a daily basis.


FR+PV aims to be between the pioneers in the industry of assembling and installing solar centrals.

Our Team

Led by our remarquable managing directors, our team’s willing to became your trustfull partner.