We strongly believe that employees are the face of our company. Taking care of them is what makes us one of the preferred employers on the market. Safety’s first but being productive is often related to being satisfied with what you’re doing and for whom are you doing it. This is the goal of our human ressources departement. In collaboration with the marketing team, we often prepare interesting campaigns for our workers to motivate them do better & do more. If you’re willing to become part of our family, don’t hesitate to send us your details, a human resource assosiate will contact you as soon as possible.

Refer a friend

One of our strongest campaigns has always been the << Refer a friend >> and get a bonus!

Shining Stars

We consider to be motivating to evaluate workers on a daily basis and encourage them with prizes.

Internal Events

Our small team buildings are what makes our family that special. We care for you, you care for the company.

EPI & Branded Presents

We’re always trying to make you proud of being part of the team with small gestures to remind you where you belong.