FR+PV the Pioneer: Exoskeletons in the PV Industry for the First Time

Nowadays, technologies in the buildings and works public industry have developed enormously thanks to multiple enterprises which are trying to reduce the working stoppages. FR+PV defends the idea for industrializing the solar sector, therefore the company’s launching a new innovation to decrease interruptions for the very first time. The problem with worker’s health and safety work conditions is the fundamental base when it comes to construction of public sites. To have a deeper look, there are risks of musculo-skeletal disorders caused by repeated movements, prolonged work in standing or moving heavy objects around the site. 


Exoskeletons are the brand-new way to prove that safety’s our

FR+PV is adopting a new approach to secure the environment of the sites by integrating a new and innovative solution to the PV industry. Less known but very popular, welcome the exoskeleton! It represents an individual protection equipment for workers such as harness made of aluminum to put on in few seconds. They are contributing to reduce the tiredness of the muscles while relieving the tension of the shoulders, the arms and the back. Last but not least, they are adding some extra value to the quality of our work. 

The future’s here and FR+PV’s the pioneer.

Jean-Philippe LENDROIT, CEO of FR+PV Share
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